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to Nice to welcome you here. is a free information page that explains everything about distance meters in golf and tests and evaluates the various devices. Our team of experts consists of professionals and single handicappers, who know the subject very well. With this page we want to give you some help for the upcoming purchase, so that you do not regret the purchase later.

Officially, the SLA has allowed rangefinder in sweepstakes starting in 2012. In most golf clubs, they are somewhat longer in use. Many golfers are now faced with the question, which device you should buy, or what types of range finders there for golf at all, we will inform you about all the products available in the market:

  • Golf laser - by Bushnell und Leupold are well known, but sometimes also very expensive. For example, the German company offers inexpensive alternatives RocketGolf. One should inquire before the purchase exactly which devices are permitted and/or forbidden.
  • GPS Golfuhren and rangefinders - by Garmin und TomTom are very popular and easy to use. However, you also have a few disadvantages compared to the golf fibres. You should consider beforehand which rangefinder is more suitable for you.
  • Golf Launch-Monitore – verbessern Ihr Spiel und sind ein nützliches Trainingstool für zuhause oder die Range. Im Training der meisten Profis nicht mehr wegzudenken.

What are the advantages of rangefinders when playing golf?

Oliver Heuler (Teaching Pro) summarized it beautifully in a video and brought it to the point. And as Tiger Woods once said: "Not the direction, but mainly the correct length of the shot, determines how close the ball is to the flag."

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