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About is a free information page that explains everything about distance meters in golf and tests and evaluates many of the current devices. Our team of experts consists of professionals and single handicappers, who know the subject very well. With this page we want to give you some help for the upcoming purchase, so that you do not regret the purchase later. (Learn more about us)

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Unterschiede beim Entfernungsmesser: Golflaser oder Golfuhr?

Are you now faced with the question whether a laser or the small Golf computer is better for your game? We like to help you and answer your questions.


With the laser you aim at the flag or any point and the exact distance is displayed immediately. Thanks to new technology you don't need a steady hand anymore. Most lasers are approved for tournaments, if not, we'll write that down. (Golf Laser Comparison)


Golfuhren are characterized by the fact that you do not have to constantly pull the rangefinder out of your pocket, but always have it at hand. Otherwise, they offer the same functions as normal GPS rangefinderbut without graphic representation. (Goldfuhren Comparison)


The small device, the size of a smartphone, can be conveniently attached to your bag and you can take a look at it again and again. The distances are accurate to one meter and change with your position. Obstacles are displayed and the distance to the green is measured with start, middle and end. GPS watches that are worn comfortably on the wrist are now the trend.


We have developed a test to help you decide which rangefinder is best for you. Press the button and answer the questions. Our generator uses this to spit out the correct rangefinder:

Pers√∂nliches Fitting: Wir finden in nur 2 Minuten den passenden Golf-Entfernungsmesser f√ľr Sie. Beantworten Sie 4 Fragen und Sie erhalten dann passende Vorschl√§ge.

Interesting facts about rangefinders in golf

Admission to tournaments

Which rangefinders are allowed in the tournament and which are forbidden? In a nutshell: All devices are permitted that only indicate the measured length. It is forbidden to use a width gauge that additionally indicates the height difference (slope) or suggests the preferred club. Read it here, which rangefinders are allowed in the tournament. Further information can also be found on the website of the German Golf Association. On we write visibly in each article whether the distance-meter is allowed.

How can improve my game of golf rangefinder?

A very nice video of Mr. Heuler, who Advantages Rangefinder for your golf game. Length control, especially for approaches, plays an important role in your game. If you improve them, your handicap will also improve, we guarantee you that. You'll also swing more freely and confidently if you know the exact length before you hit the ball.

Different types of golf removal knives

Als Experten auf diesem Gebiet kennen wir nat√ľrlich die Unterschiede der verschiedenen Arten von Messger√§ten. Besonders beliebt sind Golfuhren und Golflaser, es gibt aber auch noch smartphone-√§hnliche GPS rangefinder. We would like to introduce you to lasers, watches and GPS devices on our website.

The typical Golf laser are the best-known type of golf removal knife: one aimed at any destination with them and gets automatically displayed the distance on the integrated display. So, you can not only see how far away are the Green and the flag, but can also take the odometer on the driving range and look how far they've just beaten! The new technology allows you to have even a shaky hand and still accurately to measure the distance to your destination!

New in the trend are the GPS watches which can also be helpful as your game of golf rangefinder. Unlike as in other golf removal knives have no device in your pocket or in the golf bag, but always comfortably wear the watch on your wrist. They offer the same functionality as range finder with GPS, however without graphic representation of the obstacles of your hole.

The size of a Smartphone, there are GPS monitors, which can easily be attached to your golf bag. Measure different distances: from the beginning, the middle and the end up to the green. Also obstacles can be displayed, which will ease your game clearly. Of course, changes the distance with your changing position automatically and is always up to one metre!