Schröter Berger Golf laser

Berger + Schröter Golf laser

Schröter Berger Golf laserRange finders there are many - but only very few combine a such distance with a compact housing at a price you want to pay. The device, a user manual, a Reingungstuch, a wrist strap to the einschlaufen and a custom-fit corduroy urate ash will be delivered. The operation is intuitive and generally easy. The adjustment options cover three lighting conditions and should be sufficient for any type of weather and any daylight. The display can be switched from yards to meters and shows the achieved accuracy as well as the selected setting to the measured distance even by means of graphic: rain, refl and > 150 rain to rain and bad light be selected refl foggy/storm-weather and > 150 for distances over 150 meters and "normal" weather or light conditions. Also the display in case of low battery warning.

The two buttons are conveniently "under" the rubber casing of the device. The enclosure is black-grey rubberized, lies well in the hand and remains due to existing strap in hand.

The device has measured precisely the test at known distances between 50 and 400 meters. This happened each so fast, that I with the eye is still not even all displayed values had overflown.

Is the device under other brand names is also to have higher prices.
Drauf steht nicht „Berger + Schröter“, sondern „Eurooptics“.

[highlight] This laser is allowed in tournaments! [/ highlight]


All features at a glance:

  • Laser rangefinder 6 × 25, waterproof, floatable, nitrogen filled
  • lightning speed up to 800 m distances measuring accuracy + / - 1 m
  • 6 x magnification, 25 mm lens, repeatedly rewarded, exit pupil diameter 3.8 mm
  • Field of view at 1000 m = 122 m, measurement range 15-800 m
  • Mini only Lxwxh approx. 11.5 × 7.1 × 4 cm, super lightweight only 251 g =

Golf laser Amazon

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Starkes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis. Gute Qualität, auch für andere Outdoor-Aktivitäten geeignet.

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Berger + Schröter laser

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  1. Franz Sakyi
    Franz Sakyi said:

    This is really a brand laser, which is used mainly in the hunting. But he is just as suitable for the golf. Great laser!

  2. Christian
    Christian said:

    I bought this laser on good luck, because I wanted to spend not more than 300 euro for a golf laser. And I am totally satisfied.
    Ein echtes Schnäppchen und meine Empfehlung!


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